Prostatic Stimulators offers you a wide selection of the best prostate stimulators for P-Spot stimulation. Vibrant or not, through these massagers you will discover a new kind of ultra-powerful and repeated orgasms without ejaculation!

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  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Afc-ass-gasm Cockring Plug BlackExperience incredible orgasms and explosive ejaculations with this new prostate stimulator. Ass-Gasm stimulates the prostate while maintaining a very hard erection. Made entirely from a silky silicone , this anal plug coupled with a cockring improves sexual performance and prolongs the pleasure while delivering intense... Afc-ass-gasm Cockring Plug...

  • CHF 59.90
    CHF 59.90

    Rocks off Big BoyBig Boy's Rock Off is not to put in any hands, or rather, between of all the buttocks. Indeed, it is generous in size and promises to experience intense sensations. Its vibrations are powerful and silent such as all other prostate stimulators of the brand.Material: Medical Silicone (without phthalates)Insertable length: 13 cmDiameter:... Rocks off Big BoyBig Boy's Rock Off...

  • CHF 69.90
    CHF 69.90

    Rocks-Off - Rude-Boy 7-SpeedRude Boy is a prostate stimulator that can be used hands-free. Its sleek and smooth design allows an easy insertion into the anus. His material is smooth and soft. 100% pure silicone. Once behind the prostate, it is also pressed against the scrotum and through its vibrations, it will quickly trigger an intense orgasm.Material:... Rocks-Off - Rude-Boy 7-SpeedRude Boy...

  • CHF 25.90
    CHF 25.90

    Black Thumb: a prostate stimulator 100% silicone to discover the anal pleasure ! Black Thumb prostate massager from the Malesation brand is perfect for all men who wish to discover the anal pleasure and the effects of prostate stimulation. Black Thumb is an anal sex toy for men designed entirely in soft high quality silicone. Its small diameter will... Black Thumb: a prostate stimulator...

  • CHF 59.90
    CHF 59.90

    Anal Plug Explorer Malesation: an anal plug and cock ring 2 in 1 for a maximum of pleasure and incredible orgasms ! Explorer from the Malesation brand is an anal toy designed especially for men. Indeed, this anal plug is also equipped with a cock ring so you can simultaneously stimulate your prostate and your penis. The Explorer plug is vibrant and has a... Anal Plug Explorer Malesation: an...

  • CHF 119.90
    CHF 119.90

    Malesation Anal Teaser: an anal plug with a wireless remote control for an extraordinary prostate stimulation ! The bran new Anal Teaser prostate stimulator from Malesation will undoubtedly make you discover a new kind of pleasure that you never thought possible! The innovative and ergonomic design of this butt plug is designed to provide you a... Malesation Anal Teaser: an anal plug...

  • CHF 79.90
    CHF 79.90

    Aneros Progasm Classic: an imposing prostatic massager for deep and ultra powerful sensations! Here is ANEROS PROGASM, a prostatic massager reserved for experienced users because of its generous size. Indeed, intended for an experinced public, the Progasm is a very special anal stimulator. The long part, intended to be introduced in the anus, will... Aneros Progasm Classic: an imposing...

  • CHF 74.90
    CHF 74.90

    Nexus G RiderThe Nexus G-Rider is a unisex vibrator. It can be used as a stimulator for prostate or as stimulator for the point G.It has five speeds of vibration. His spikes shall delight the women’s sensitive clitoris and allow to reach the orgasm easily. This is a great sex toy to use for the couple.Material: Medical Silicone (without phthalates)Length:... Nexus G RiderThe Nexus G-Rider is a...

  • CHF 59.90
    CHF 59.90

    Rocks-Off - Naughty-Boy 7-SpeedNaughty Boy is a waterproof vibrator specially dedicated to men who want to stimulate their prostate but keeping their hands free to take care of their partner or masturbate. Once inside the anus, Naughty Boy stimulates prostatic part while the other is pressed against the scrotum. The 7-speed vibration will quickly trigger... Rocks-Off - Naughty-Boy...

  • CHF 39.90 CHF 44.90
    CHF 39.90 CHF 44.90

    O-Boy prostate massager by Rocks'off 7 speedIntroducing the new prostate massager from the British Rocks'off brand. Angles and curvatures of the prostate stimulator have been specially designed to be placed in the right place to stimulate the P-point, namely the man's G-Spot. O-Boy is perfect for beginners or those who already are experienced with anal... O-Boy prostate massager by Rocks'off...

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  • CHF 129.90
    CHF 129.90

    Nuo de Je Joue: Do you want to experiment anal stimulation with your partner? Here is the brand new wireless remote control anal plug via Smartphone app for moments of intense pleasure! Here's a brand new kind of butt plug! The Nuo by Je Joue is a sextoy especially for anal pleasure for both women and men. The Nuo is the perfect anal toy for intimate... Nuo de Je Joue: Do you want to...

  • CHF 159.90
    CHF 159.90

    NEXUS Revo: Nexus Revo 2 The Nexus Revo is a true revolution in the world of male pleasure! Nexus Revo is a unique prostate stimulator of its kind. Indeed, in addition to its perfect ergonomics to stimulate the prostate, his head is rotatable and allows a variety of stimulation that will quickly cause an internal orgasm in men.This sex toy is the first... NEXUS Revo: Nexus Revo 2 The Nexus...

  • CHF 179.90
    CHF 179.90

    Nexus Revo Intense:an ultra-precise anal massager for optimal stimulation of the prostate and for explosive orgasms !!! Nexus Revo Intense will offer you a very precise and intense prostate stimulation thanks to its new more efficient design specifically designed for the male anatomy. Nexus is the first manufacturer of prostate stimulators that offer a... Nexus Revo Intense:an ultra-precise...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Inspirer Malesation: a prostate massager 100% silicone for all beginner wishing to discover anal massage ... With the plug Inspirer from the brand Malesation you will be able stimulate your P-Point and your perineum at the same time ! Ideal for beginners, this prostate stimulator is offered for a small price but it remains an anal sex toy of high... Inspirer Malesation: a prostate...

  • CHF 34.90 CHF 39.90
    CHF 34.90 CHF 39.90

    Cobra P-Spot stimulator and cock ring: a prostate massager with a penis ring for a double stimulation and orgasms of rare intensity! Cobra P-Spot massager is a prostate stimulator provided with a stimulating ribbed texture that will give you an amazing pleasure at everyone of your movement. This prostate stimulator is also featuring a cock ring that will... Cobra P-Spot stimulator and cock...

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  • CHF 149.90 CHF 179.90
    CHF 149.90 CHF 179.90

    Rocks-Off Fuzion Xchange Prostatic Massager: a prostatic stimulator with interchangeable Shafts for unusual male orgasms! Here is an incredible male vibrator that will provide you incredible prostate massage and orgasms of an intensity that you never thought possible. Indeed, the base of the Xchange sextoy unlocks to allow you to change Shaft according... Rocks-Off Fuzion Xchange Prostatic...

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  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    NEXUS GLIDE: the ultimate prostate massager for those who want to discover the prostate massages and feel explosive orgasms! The NEXUS GLIDE is undoubtedly the best-selling anal toy in the Nexus range. Indeed, its intermediate size and shape have met a huge success to almost all beginners in terms of anal pleasure. NEXUS GLIDE will allow you to take... NEXUS GLIDE: the ultimate prostate...

  • CHF 79.90
    CHF 79.90

    Aneros Progasm ICE: an imposing prostatic massager for deep and ultra powerful sensations! Here is ANEROS PROGASM, a prostatic massager reserved for experienced users because of its generous size. Indeed, intended for an experinced public, the Progasm is a very special anal stimulator. The long part, intended to be introduced in the anus, will stimulate... Aneros Progasm ICE: an imposing...

  • CHF 57.90 CHF 64.90
    CHF 57.90 CHF 64.90

    Curving Curt by Mystim: an incredible prostate massager with E-Stim function for unprecedented prostate stimulation! Here is Curving Curt from the brand Mystim. An innovative bi-polar electro prostate stimulator designed with 100% medical grade silicone. Thanks to its curved C shape, its practical removal ring and of course its brand new Flex & Stay... Curving Curt by Mystim: an incredible...

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  • CHF 74.90
    CHF 74.90

    Ballring & Anal Hook: If you enjoy BDSM games that combine pain and pleasure, this ballring featuring an anal hook is exactly what you need! This is the ultimate accessory for all bondage lovers. Indeed, very appreciated by the Gay community but not only, this incredible ballring has the particularity of integrating an anal hook to intensify your... Ballring & Anal Hook: If you...

  • CHF 89.90
    CHF 89.90

    P-Motion by Pipedream: a top-of-the-range, ergonomic prostate massager with breathtaking functions for orgasms of rare intensity! Looking for a rechargeable, high-performance prostate massage device? The P-Motion massager is the perfect choice for you! This brand new prostatic massager by Pipedream brand will give you incredible sensations and explosive... P-Motion by Pipedream: a...

  • CHF 79.90
    CHF 79.90

    ANEROS HELIX SYN TRIDENT: an incredibly effective prostate massager for orgasms of rare intensity ! Here is the very popular prostate stimulator Aneros Helix in its new optimized version "SYN TRIDENT". Aneros HELIX "SYN TRIDENT" prostatic massager always keeps its exceptional design allowing intense prostate massages but with additional comfort thanks to... ANEROS HELIX SYN TRIDENT: an...

  • CHF 49.90
    CHF 49.90

    Prostate Massage Set by MALESATION: the complete kit that brings together all the essential accessories for prostate massage! If you're a fan of anal pleasure, especially prostate massage, do not miss out on the Prostate Massage Set from Malesation. Indeed, this set of carefully selected products with innovative and ergonomic design will be particularly... Prostate Massage Set by MALESATION:...

  • CHF 169.90
    CHF 169.90

    Aneros Vice: a fantastic vibrating prostate stimulator that will give you explosive orgasms of a rare intensity! Building on the legacy of the award-winning ANEROS VICE massage device, here is VICE 2, the new generation of vibrating massager for men's prostate. Each curve and contour of the VICE 2 has been anatomically shaped to be in perfect harmony... Aneros Vice: a fantastic vibrating...

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