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The Fucking Machine and Bondage machine will allow you to discover new sexual experiences with amazing repeatedly and unbearable orgasms. You’ll never feel as much pleasure as with a Fucking Machine. Solid and from professional manufacture, these true pleasure machines are designed to be put to the test. They will obey you and they are inexhaustible. You decide the angle of penetration, the depth, the speed and duration! On JouJou.ch you’ll find a selection available for purchase from small price to luxury model like the incredible F-Machine Pro 2 or the inevitable Maestro Sex Machine Deluxe without forgetting the discreet and compact Fuck Machine Incognito. Buy today your Fucking Machine and receive your order the next business day discreetly in a package 100% neutral while enjoying our Free shipping throughout Switzerland.

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  • CHF 319.90
    CHF 319.90

    G & P-Spot Sex Machine: a rotating love machine for the stimulation of the G-Point or the P-Point and for sensational orgasms ! This rotating sex machine will suit both women and men with its two interchangeable dildo. This fuck machine also comes with a vibrator that you can slide into a holder provided for this purpose. You can enjoy an... G & P-Spot Sex Machine: a...

  • CHF 589.90
    CHF 589.90

    The F-Machine Gigolo Fuck MachineHere is a very stylish, elegant, sophisticated and sexy Fuck Machine. Not many words you would be used to describe a machine designed to ‘fuck’. However, the F-machine from fuck labs in the UK has delivered what was impossible before, then wrapped it up in some state of the art of technology to offer you: your own personal... The F-Machine Gigolo Fuck MachineHere...

  • CHF 369.90 CHF 469.90
    CHF 369.90 CHF 469.90

    Thrustick Remote Love Machine Tube: a self heated sex machine moving back and forth for incredible orgasms! Spice up your sex games with this love Thrustick machine that will allow you to clip not 1, but 2 different dildos for double intense pleasure. Indeed, this unique machine offers you the opportunity to clip 2 different tips. A penis-shaped dildo... Thrustick Remote Love Machine Tube: a...

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  • CHF 359.00
    CHF 359.00

    Love Machine: a perfect sex machines very versatile for couples ! The Love Machine from the You2Toys the brand promises you a maximum of pleasure thanks to its multiple accessories. Ideal for couples, you can use this sex machine as well as for masturbation to anal or vaginal penetration. And even more, this Love machine offers simultaneous stimulations!... Love Machine: a perfect sex machines...

  • CHF 599.90
    CHF 599.90

    Motion Sex Machine: an incredible love machine fuck for multiple orgasms! The Fuck Machine Motion is a silent and very versatile sex machine with amazing power. It offers 40 to 220 rpm with a button that allows you to adjust the angle you want (adjustable untill 180 degrees). The Fuck Machine Motion comes with a realistic dildo featuring testicles and an... Motion Sex Machine: an incredible...

  • CHF 589.90
    CHF 589.90

    Love Machine "Bendy": a fuck machine that combines power and ease of use for an incredible sexual experience! The fucking machine "Bendy love" was designed to offer you a sexual accessory easy to use but still very powerful. This love machine powered by a cord of 2 meters long will allow you to benefit from a great freedom of movements. Its powerful... Love Machine "Bendy": a fuck machine...

  • CHF 489.90
    CHF 489.90

    Sex Machine Auto Banger by LoveBotz: a compact and portable fuck machine to use during your BDSM games or simply in solo! No sextoy nor human being can compete with the endless endurance and the relentless beats that you will get from a sex machine. With "Auto Banger" you can now have your own fuck machine in a compact size, handy and especially... Sex Machine Auto Banger by LoveBotz:...

  • CHF 490.00
    CHF 490.00

    Fuck machine IncognitoThe Toolbox Love Machine Incognito comes with all the accessories you need to live an incredible sexual experience by multiplying orgasms. You can fix any Dildo Vac -U- Loc compatible on this site . The Fuck Machine Incognito keeps hands free during use. You can take care of your partner at the same time.Case Size: 41 cm x 18 cm x 19... Fuck machine IncognitoThe Toolbox...

  • CHF 895.90
    CHF 895.90

    LoveBotz Sex Machine Maestro DeluxeThe Sex Machine Maestro Deluxe is what he does best among the different models available on the market. This fucking machine has various interchangeable dildo Vac-U-Lock compatible. You can easily adjust the angle of penetration, both, vertically and horizontally. The love machine offers an incredible power of... LoveBotz Sex Machine Maestro...

  • CHF 918.90
    CHF 918.90

    Ledapol bondage chair: a torture chair for your BDSM session ! With this SM chair, you can transform any room of your home into a real dungeon. If you are looking for a high quality bondage fourniture, this solid wood chair will perfectly meet all your expectations. This chair made of high quality wood will be perfect for the experts and professionals!... Ledapol bondage chair: a torture...

  • CHF 698.00
    CHF 698.00

    CAESAR 4.0: an ultra powerful love machine with an improved torke and power to go up to 260 moves back and forth per minute! The CAESAR Sex Machine 4.0 is the latest improved version of the loves machine. Even stronger and even faster. The new 40-degree T-shaped corner reinforcement provides an excellent stability to the sex machine. Its flat feet with a... CAESAR 4.0: an ultra powerful love...

  • CHF 650.00
    CHF 650.00

    Bondage sex machine: a fuck machine with stress accessories for BDSM sessions ... Bondage Love Machine is a sex machine with a great power. It has all the qualities required to realize your sexual and submissive fantasies. The robust and stable metal frame consists of a plurality of adjustable elements. You can easily adapt it to all body types and to all... Bondage sex machine: a fuck machine...

  • CHF 490.00
    CHF 490.00

    BDSM YOKE: a restraint system designed specifically for your BDSM sessions, no escape will be possible! The BDSM YOKE is an accessory that allows you to deprive your slave of any movements. Simply open the SM device and place the head and hands of your subject or his ankles in the holes provided for this purpose. Close the Yoke and now your slave wont be... BDSM YOKE: a restraint system...

  • CHF 599.90
    CHF 599.90

    Robotic Sex Machine: the fuck machine that will realize all your wildest fantasies! This robotic sex machine is designed in a highly resistant steel. It will offer you quite amazing movement and flexibility. Indeed, you will be able to experience an unlimited number of positions across a wide variety of adjustable penetration angles. The Fuck Machine... Robotic Sex Machine: the fuck machine...

  • CHF 389.90
    CHF 389.90

    Sex machine Sybian "Like a Sexmachine": a fuck machine featuring 2 dildos with ejaculation function for even more realistic sensations! This sex machine will allow you to feel even more realistic sensations with not only an intense penetration but also with an ejaculation function! Indeed, this sex machine is delivered with 2 ejaculators dildos. You can... Sex machine Sybian "Like a...

  • CHF 847.55
    CHF 847.55

    LoveBotz The Milker: an automatic sex machine that will masturbate you, suck you and much more ... The famous manufacturer of Fuck Machine "Lovebotz" is proud to present you here its new creation! It is a brand new automatic love machine specially designed for oral sex. Indeed, this love machine was specifically designed to suck and caress automatically.... LoveBotz The Milker: an automatic sex...

  • CHF 298.90
    CHF 298.90

    The Bigger Bang by Fetish Fantasy : an amazing rotating sex machine for unprecedented orgasms ! Get ready for an incredible orgasmic experience with this brand new "Bigger Bang" fucking machine from Pipedream. Indeed, unlike other traditional sex machines that only penetrate with back and forth movements, the Bigger Bang Sex Machine uses an exclusive... The Bigger Bang by Fetish Fantasy :...

  • CHF 895.00
    CHF 895.00

    The Saddle Deluxe by LoveBotz: a vibrant saddle for a fantastic ride and breathtaking orgasms! This ultra-powerful Sybian style sex machine will offer you a rodeo that you will not forget. Strong sensations and orgasms of rare intensity guaranteed! All you have to do is to mount the comfortable padded seat and slowly impale yourself on the firm and dildo... The Saddle Deluxe by LoveBotz: a...

  • CHF 248.90 CHF 298.90
    CHF 248.90 CHF 298.90

    Fetish Fantasy International Rockin'Chair: a sex machine or rather a vibrant sex saddle that promises you intense and explosive orgasms! Here is a sex machine not quite like the others. Indeed, the secret behind this pulsating pleasure device is the perfectly positioned silicone clitoral stimulator! This one is able to offer you breathtaking sensations,... Fetish Fantasy International...

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  • CHF 599.90
    CHF 599.90

    Sex MachineThe My Pleasure Machine is simply amazing ! This sex machine offers you plenty different positions. Place it horizontally or vertically according to your desires . You can also adjust its height. The penetration rate can be adjusted up to 300 strokes per minute and allows stimulations very smooth or fast.You can use any Vac-U-Lock dildo with... Sex MachineThe My Pleasure Machine is...

  • CHF 689.00
    CHF 689.00

    Love Glider – Fuck MachineThis very special fuck machine allows you to control the speed and depth of penetration through your own movements. Just as if you were sitting on your partner. You have the control of everything. This love machine is very comfortable to use with its padded sides.Dimensions of love Glider: 57 cm long, 33.5 cm wide, 50 cm... Love Glider – Fuck MachineThis very...

  • CHF 369.90
    CHF 369.90

    Fetish Fantasy Series Portable Sex MachineThis Fuck Machine can follow you anywhere thanks to its compact size that fits in any suitcase and its universal adapter! Despite its small size (which allows easy and discreet storage), this sex machine has 4 ultra powerful suction cups, two interchangeable phthalate free dildos, a vibrator that is a remote... Fetish Fantasy Series Portable Sex...

  • CHF 789.90
    CHF 789.90

    Fucking Machine F-Machine Pro 2The F-Machine Pro II is one of the best fucking machine you will find on the market. This sex machine is extremely powerful, silent and versatile. Its featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions for even more pleasure. The... Fucking Machine F-Machine Pro 2The...

  • CHF 229.90
    CHF 229.90

    Jaxxx Hammer 2.0: a sex machine multifunction that offers you a multitude of penetration angles for orgasms of a rare intensity! The sex machine Jaxxx Hammer 2.0 from the brand "LoveBotz" is a love machine designed to offer you a maximum of freedom in solo or in couple. You will be able to reach orgasms that you would never have thought possible thanks to... Jaxxx Hammer 2.0: a sex machine...

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