H2O water-based lubricant 120ml - System Jo

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H2O water-based lubricant 135ml - System Jo

JO H2O: The only water-based lubricant that has the same qualities and the same texture than silicone based intimate gel...

The intimate lubricant JO H2O is manufactured from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available on the market.

Enjoy the unique texture of this intimate gel to intensify your pleasure during your sexual intercourse due to its more lasting gliding effect that never becomes sticky or tacky.

Lubricant JO H2O offers you the same silky finesse a silicone lubricant. Its moisturizing smooth formula uses glycerin herbal which does not cause irritation and does not disturb the pH of your body.

JO H2O is 100% compatible with condoms and sex toys. Contains no silicone, no wax or oil.

- Very long-term effect, does not stick
- Contains no glycerine or animal products
- 100% latex safe
- Compatible with toys

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System JO

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