Mediax HOT - warming masturbation cream 150ml

Mediax HOT - warming masturbation cream 150ml View larger
Mediax HOT - warming masturbation cream 150ml

Mediax HOT: a revolutionary masturbation cream that changes of texture for even more fun!

Mediax HOT is a natural cream that will allow you to discover a new kind of pleasure during your masturbation sessions.

The rich formula and the thick texture of the cream Mediax HOT is quite revolutionary. This will heat up progressively in contact with the body heat to finaly reach a perfect viscosity.

In addition to provide you unparalleled sensations to those of a single lubricant, the masturbation cream HOT Mediax also reduce friction during back and forth to give you even more pleasure.

Mediax HOT does not dry and a single application will be enough. Its neutral pH will leave your skin supple and silky.

Not fat and not sticky. Warning: not compatible with the use of condoms.

Content: 150ml

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