Shunga - Vaginal Tightening Gel Organica

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Shunga - Vaginal Tightening Gel Organica

"Hold Me Tight" by Shunga: A vaginal firming gel certified organic that trains and strengthens the muscles of the vagina for better sensations during your intimate relationships !

Here is a vaginal gel especially made for women suffering from loosening of the vagina muscles. This can actually appear with age or after childbirth. You will then have more difficulties to reach the orgasm and feel pleasure during your sexual intercourse.

By applying this gel to the vaginal walls, the vagina will gradually become firmer and you will get a tighter holding on your partner.

Shunga Firming Vaginal Gel "Hold Me Tight" also prevents possible bacterial and fungal infections. It also eliminates unwanted odors and restores a natural lubrication.

With a daily application, you will quickly find a second youth and experience even more pleasure when making love with your partner.

Content: 30ML

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