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Adjustable nipple clamps with chain - Rimba

Adjustable nipple clamps: a pair of easily adjustable nipple clamps for an incredible experience of suffering and pleasure!

These luxurious nippel clamps that could almost be considered as intimate jewelry are designed with top quality materials to ensure safe use without any risk of injuries.

Nipple clamps are regularly used in BDSM games. They are designed to stimulate the nipples by restricting blood circulation.

These nipple clamps have a special mechanism that allows you to set them up very easily. Simply twist the small black cylinder to tighten the jaws.

The pain will mostly be felt once the clamps are removed. Your nipples will be much more sensitive to the slightest caress or kiss but by wearing them during sexual intercourse or during SM games, the nipple clamps will increase your senses and intensify your orgasms by combining pain and pleasure!

These nipple clamps can also be used on other parts of the body such as vaginal lips, clitoris, testicles etc ... For more comfort, the tips of the clamps are covered with rubber.

To increase the senses, try using these nipple clamps with a blindfold.

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