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Nipple clamps with levers - Rimba

Nipple clamps with lever: a pair of nipple clamps for a gradual adjustment of the pain ...

Here is a pair of nipple clamps that will perfectly suit all novices in SM games. Its lever system will allow you to adjust the intensity of the pain with a pinching going from light to very strong.

You will thus be able to enjoy yourself by simply sensitizing the tip of your tits or then to opt for an extreme stimulation with a very sustained pinch during your BDSM sessions.

You will also be able to use the small metal chain to increase the pain even more by pulling it. This can actually be very exciting during sex and will accentuate your orgasm!

These nipple clamps can of course be used on any other parts of the body such as the testicles, the clitoris, the labia etc ...

For a better comfort, each clamp has a silicone coating on its tips.

The nipple clamps are among the essential erotic accessories for your SM games.

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