Pjur Superhero Serum 20 ml - Delay Spray

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Pjur Superhero Serum 20 ml - Delay Spray

Pjur Superhero Serum: a delaying gel for men who wish to delay their ejaculation and prolong their pleasure!

The new Pjur Superhero Serum is a concentrated delaying spray for men suffering from premature ejaculations.

Indeed, this innovative retardant serum for man is deposited as a kind of thin invisible desensitizing film on the penis. It will reduce the sensitivity of the glans without anesthetizing it.

This Retarding Gel fits perfectly with all lubricants. 1 to 3 sprays a few minutes before sex is enough to reduce penis hypersensitivity without anesthetizing!

Pjur Superhero Serum will significantly improve your sexual performances, it will prolong your pleasure by delaying your ejaculation.

Suitable for external use on the skin. Compatible with condoms.

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