Pjur MED Vegan Glide Waterbased 100ml

Pjur MED Vegan Glide Waterbased 100ml View larger
Pjur MED Vegan Glide Waterbased 100ml

Pjur®med VEGAN glide: an intimate lubricant of high quality and 100% Vegan for even more pleasure and comfort during your sexual intercourses ...

Pjur®med VEGAN glide is a 100% natural intimate water based lubricating gel that will surprise you by its efficiency and its great power of gliding.

This Vegan lubricant contains no preservatives. It is exclusively composed of plant ingredients and is not tested on animals.

This intimate gel also has a balanced pH that will be particularly suitable for sensitive skin by protecting and soothing the mucous membranes.

Pjur®med VEGAN glide will strengthen your body's natural hydration while providing you with long-lasting lubrication.

Formulated to be tolerated by sensitive mucous membranes, it contains no perfume, paraben or glycerine.

Compatible with condoms and sex toys.

Content: 100ML.

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