CB 6000® The chastity device - CB-X Chrome

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CB 6000® The chastity device - CB-X Chrome

CB 6000® CB-X: a comfortable chastity cage that will deprive you of any sexual pleasure for the long term ...

The Chastity cages of the "CB-X®" brand are known worldwide for their manufacturing quality, ease of use and comfort.

In fact, the CB-6000 is a male chastity device that will offer you a maximum of comfort and safety. The design of the ring is composed of three intertwined pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin passes through the intermediate hollow hole connecting the chastity cage to the ring.

The chastity cage is ventilated for even more hygiene and has an opening at the tip allowing its use in the urinals.

The rings of different sizes and spacers included in each package will allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs.

The CB 6000 Chastity Cage will prevent you from touching your genitals, thus depriving you of any sexual pleasure by giving the Keyholder complete control!

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Internal diameter37 mm.

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The penis Cages CB-X® are designed in a lightweight polycarbonate material of medical quality and the finish is simply impeccable.

The kit contains a chastity belt and 5 ring sizes:
1 x 38mm 1 x 41mm 1 x 45mm 1 x 48mm 1 x 51mm.

3 x locking pin and spacer ring.
1 x Brass Padlock and 5 Numbered Plastic Padlocks
1 x zippered storage bag.

Rings of various sizes and the spacer rings allow adjustment to different people. Made of high quality, highly durable polycarbonate.

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