Hot Heart Massager

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Hot Heart Massager

Hot Heart Massager
The Hot Heart Massager is incredible because it starts out as a cool liquid. But when you snap the disc, see how it changes? It can heat up to 129°F and becomes your own personal portable heat pack to stay warm wherever you go.

It is also good for when you have cramps (put it near your lower abdomen); as well as if you have a stiff neck (place it on your neck) and makes a great portable heated pad for any soothing you need.

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And better yet, it's reusable! You just boil it for about 5-8 minutes to reset the crystals, and you can use it over and over again! If you've ever had a heated stone therapy massage you're going to love this! Add a bit of Sensura massage oil right on the Hot Heart Massager, and it heats it up, so you get a heated oil massage! sexshop en ligne