Nuru Massage Gel Nori seaweed & Aloe Vera 1lt

Nuru Massage Gel Nori seaweed & Aloe Vera 1lt View larger
Nuru Massage Gel Nori seaweed & Aloe Vera 1lt
  • Nuru Massage Gel Nori seaweed & Aloe Vera 1lt
  • Nuru Massage Gel Nori seaweed & Aloe Vera 1lt

NÜ Nuru Massage Gel: The real Nuru Massage Gel with nori seaweed and Aloe vera for an unforgettable sensory experience...

Nuru is an erotic and very seductive way to massage. The "Nuru Gel" gel is specially adapted for this practice. It is particularly slippery and is therefore perfect for an erotic hand to hand massage.

First place vinyl bed sheets on your bed to get the most out of this pleasure. After that, there are no more boundaries to your fantasies.

Ideally, you should add the Nuru gel in a real Nuru bamboo bowl, so then you can add as many handfuls of gel on your body or your partner's body over and over again... Thanks to natural ingredients and Japanese Nori seaweed, Nuru Gel is particularly nourishing and hydrating.

This is a high quality Nuru massage gel. Fluid and dense, this gel stays on the skin for a long time and promises you an extraordinary sensory experience!

Content: 1 lt

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How to make a Nuru Massage:

Previously, be sure to cover your bed with a waterproof sheet or if you use a Nuru mattress, be sure to prepare it before.

Start by taking a hot and relaxing bath with your partner while immersing the bottle MagicalGel to warm it up.

Once your bath finish, prepare your massage gel by pouring some of the contents of the bottle MagicGel in a bamboo bowl and add hot water to get the temperature and the desired consistency. We recommend freezing half and half water.

The masseuse can then start playing with the Nuru Massage Gel by generously pouring it all over her body, her body becomes shiny and slippery. A very exciting show for the partner.

Massage can then begin using all parts of the body. sexshop en ligne