Fuck Powder 90gr - Lubricant

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Fuck Powder 90gr - Lubricant

Lubrifiant Fuckpowder
The lubricant Fuckpowder from FP Company is revolutionary.

Made in France, this is the most innovative and slippery sexual experience you will have.

This Gel-Splash is to prepare yourself . 100% natural, you can then lick or eat it on your partner.

Perfect use for Fuck, Fist, Lick, Scrubs, Splash, Massage, Wanking, Toys, Electro ... use without restraint.

Compatible with condoms, gloves or toys and easy to rinse. Odorless, tasteless and preservative free.

Contents: 90gr. 
(90g = 9 litres ou 18 x 500ml)

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Fuckpowder is to be prepared as the following way:
1. Using the measuring cup, measure 5gr of fuckpowder.
2. Pour half a liter of warm water in a container and add the 5 grams of fuckpowder.
3. Mix vigorously until you get a uniform gel.
4. Then let re st for about 5 -10 minutes.
5. Shake before use.

You can play with the thickness of the gel or by adding water or powder.

You can also heat or cool the gel according to your wishes. (The gel is then used up to 5 days if it is kept cool to 6 ° C). Keep out of reach of children

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