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Ceylor Original non Latex 100pc

Ceylor Original Non Latex - Ultra-thin condoms! Ceylor Original Non Latex condoms are highly appreciated for two reasons. They are made of polyurethane, completely free of latex, making them particularly suitable for individuals with latex allergies. They are also ultra-thin, with a thickness of only 0.020 mm. A must-have among Swiss condoms!
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Ceylor Original non Latex

Condoms Non Latex Ceylor Original are popular for two reasons.

They are made of polyurethane (absolutely free of latex). They are therefore particularly suitable for people suffering from latex allergy.

They are ultra thin with only 0.020mm thick. A must have condom. Try and see for yourself the quality Ceylor!

Size: Ø: 52mm L: 190mm E: 0.020 mm

Contents: 100 Ceylor Original non Latex condoms$

We recommend that you use a water-based lubricant when wearing a condom in order to facilitate the penetration and prevent the risk of tearing this one.

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