Vegan condoms 100 pces. - Green Condom Club

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Vegan condoms 100 pces. - Green Condom Club

Green Condom: a 100% Vegan condom without taste and odor for a maximum of protection and for even more natural sexual intercourse...

Created by a Swiss, this brand new 100% Vegan condom is guaranteed without paraben, gluten and especially without casein, a milk protein found in most condoms and which often causes allergies. Note that this condom has also not been tested on animals.

Composition: Rubber latex, dimethicone, hydrated silica, BHT, zinc ethylphenyl dithiocarbamate, sulfur, zinc oxide, sodium polynaphthalene sulphate, potassium hydroxide, Ceteth-12, lauric acid, laurtrimonium chloride.

Size: width: 53mm, length: 180mm thickness: 0.065mm

- Safe and reliable: CE approved and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
- 100% Vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free
- No odor or plastic taste
- Recycled cardboard packaging

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We recommend that you use a water-based lubricant when wearing a condom in order to facilitate the penetration and prevent the risk of tearing this one. sexshop en ligne