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Retardant - Alpx SlowMo (60 capsules)

Discover Alpx SlowMo, a revolutionary innovation for prolonging pleasure without compromise. Designed specifically as the first oral retardant in its class, Alpx SlowMo acts only on yourself, preserving your partner's sensitivity. 
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Explore a revolutionary new approach to prolonging pleasure with Alpx SlowMo, the first oral retardant in its class. 

Unlike gels and sprays that can alter your partner's sensitivity, Alpx SlowMo works only on you.

Whether you're looking to control premature ejaculation or simply prolong your intimate moments, Alpx SlowMo is your ideal ally. By regulating your emotions and reducing stress during the sexual act, this product enables you to enjoy prolonged moments of pleasure. Thanks to a precise formula enriched with L-Arginine, L-Tryptophan and saffron extract, Alpx SlowMo guarantees optimal effectiveness and remarkable results.

Use Alpx SlowMo punctually, taking 4 capsules two hours before sexual activity for maximum performance. For daily support against premature ejaculation and continuous improvement of sexual comfort, follow a course of treatment with 2 capsules a day.

• Alpx SlowMo - Revolutionary oral retardant

• Advanced formula to prolong male pleasure

• Acts only on the user, preserving partner sensitivity

• Precisely dosed with L-Arginine, L-Tryptophan and saffron extract

• Single use: 4 capsules two hours before intercourse

• As a course of treatment: 2 capsules a day for ongoing benefits

• Contents: 60 capsules

Take control of your pleasure with Alpx SlowMo and discover a new dimension of sexual satisfaction, with a safe and effective approach.

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