Maintenance kit for Fleshlight & Fleshjack

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Maintenance kit for Fleshlight & Fleshjack

Fleshlight & Fleshjack Care Pack: a complete kit to maintain and optimize your Fleshlight masturbators but not only...

Save money and buy your Fleshlight care products in a kit! Indeed, with this pack, you have the 3 products necessary to maintain your favorite masturbator.

FleshWash Cleaning Spray (100 ml)
A spray that has been specially formulated to clean and maintain your Fleshlight but can also be used to maintain other sex toys. Its composition eliminates virtually all germs and bacteria for impeccable hygiene.

FleshLube water-based lubricant (100 ml)
FleshLube is a must-have. It is a water-based lubricant specially developed for use with the Fleshlight range of masturbators. Its great lubricating power allows to significantly improve the sensations and to make the penetration even more pleasant.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder (118 ml)
This talcum-like powder helps maintain and renew your Fleshlight masturbator so that it retains its silky smooth texture. Let your masturbator dry thoroughly and then sprinkle it with this powder before storing.

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