LELO Luna Beads Mini - Geisha Balls

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LELO Luna Beads Mini - Geisha Balls

Luna Beads Mini: This is the smallest version of the world's best-selling Geisha balls, the famous LELO Luna Beads!

Featuring a smaller diameter (Ø 29 mm), the Geisha Luna Beads Mini balls guarantee every woman under the age of 30 or who has not yet given birth to perfectly train their pelvic floor in the most efficient way possible.

Regular use of the Geisha Luna Beads Mini balls will help you to get better, stronger and longer lasting orgasms and will also reduce the risk of incontinence or other pelvic floor disorders. Geisha balls can also be used to prepare your body for easier pregnancy.

Simple to insert and discreet when used, Luna Beads contain weights that move as you move, producing subtle vibrations to prompt muscle contractions during everyday activities. Each set includes two 28 gram and two 37 gram beads, which can be mixed and matched for a tailored routine.

The kit includes two balls of 28 grams and two of 37 grams, which can be mixed and tailored to your needs.

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MaterialABS (Phthalates Free)
Size75 x 29 x 15 mm
DiameterØ 29 mm
Poids2 x 28 g / 2 x 37 g

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