TrainBalls Set - Satisfyer Balls

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TrainBalls Set - Satisfyer Balls

Satisfy Balls Set: 3 pairs of Geisha balls of different weights to train your pelvic floor effectively for even more sexual pleasure .

With Satisfy Balls, you can train and get in shape for your own marathon of sexual pleasure.

Simply wear the love balls for about 15 minutes a day to train your pelvic floor muscles - the muscles that allow you to experience breathtaking orgasms!

This workout will not only benefit you, but also your partner. In fact, by training your pelvic floor muscles, your partner will experience the ultimate feeling of tension between your legs.

We advise you to start with the lightest balls and then gradually increase the weight. You will see that the stimulation is discreet but powerful!

These silky silicone stimulation balls are very soft and delicately rounded for easy insertion. They are easy to remove thanks to the removal cord.

The balls can also be used for masturbation enhancement, foreplay or anal sex when worn in the vagina. The unpredictable stimulation of their weight adds intense pleasure to your erotic forays.

3 colours, 3 different weights!

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Material Silicone (Phthalates Free)
Total length 15.6 cm
Diameter Ø 3.4 cm
Poids 73.3gr / 114.1gr /- 150.3gr
Waterproof Yes
Color Purple

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We recommend using a water-based lubricant during each use to facilitate penetration and prevent possible irritation of the mucous membranes.

It is advisable to clean your sex toy with an anti bacterial lotion as our sex toy cleaner before and after use. This is to prevent fungal infections or other infections. sexshop en ligne