4 rings Adjustable spreader bar (55-85 cm) - Rimba

4 rings Adjustable spreader bar (55-85 cm) - Rimba View larger
4 rings Adjustable spreader bar (55-85 cm) - Rimba

Spreader bar: an adjustable spreader bondage bar to immobilize your partner during your BDSM sessions ...

The spreader bar is regularly used by BDSM lovers, it makes it possible to immobilize the person submitted by preventing him from being able to walk.

This spreader bar is telescopic and can be assembled very easily. You will be able to adjust the spacing of the legs with simple pins.

On each end, there are two metal rings on which you can fix leather handcuffs.

The spreader bar is the BDSM accessory of all fantasies. It allows you to spread the legs of your partner leaving you free access to its intimate parts. Your subject will be totally submissive and vulnerable.

It should be noted that the spacer bars can also be used in the practice of suspension bondage.

Distance: from 55cm. To 85cm.

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