Hybrid Lubricant Coconut Warming - System Jo

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Hybrid Lubricant Coconut Warming - System Jo

Hybrid Coconut Warming Lubricant, a long lasting creamy lubricant with coconut fragrance and with a heating effect ...

System Jo propose here the first hybrid lubricant with warming effect infused with coconut.

Be seduced by its creamy texture and its heady scent that will surely awaken all your senses during your foreplay.

Its unique and 100% natural formula is unique on the market. It is made from a fusion of coconut oil and water that leaves a pleasant smell and a natural taste.

When applied to sensitive areas, this lubricant will give you a slight heating effect to accentuate the sensations to intensify the pleasure of both partners.

This lubricant is available in hot and refreshing release. Feel free to try both to vary the pleasures!

Content: 30ml

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System JO

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