LouLoucup menstrual cup - Large

LouLoucup menstrual cup - Large View larger
LouLoucup menstrual cup - Large
  • LouLoucup menstrual cup - Large
  • LouLoucup menstrual cup - Large

Louloucup: a menstrual cup in soft medical silicone, easy to use and 100% made in France!

Here is Louloucup, a menstrual cup shaped like a small, ultra-soft silicone bell that will harvest your blood instead of absorbing it. You will enjoy a comfort and a sense of freedom that tampons or towels could not give you!

Louloucup adapts perfectly to the movements of your body to be completely forgotten! Invisible, reusable, you will save money each month while making a gesture for the environment. The menstrual cup Louloucup is 100% healthy, reliable and comfortable. It is manufactured in France under very strict hygienic conditions and from the best hypoallergenic medical silicone and guaranteed phthalate free, without bisphenol A, latex free and odorless.

Its sleek design will give you absolute comfort. It does not have a ring or external prints that could irritate you or be uncomfortable. 100% easy to use, Louloucup folds easily to fit and let you enjoy 12 hours of freedom. This menstrual cup is also very easy to clean thanks to its unique design and wider holes.

Louloucup was designed for active women. You can run, dance, swim, do yoga or any other sporting activity. You can even sleep with it!

Available in Small and Large sizes

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What size of Louloucup to choose?
Louloucup is available in two different sizes.

Louloucup SMALL
Recommended for all women over the age of 30 or those who have given birth vaginally. (42mm of diameter by 45mm in length, stem 25mm, volume 25ml).

Louloucup LARGE
Recommended for women under 30 years old. (46 mm diameter by 50mm in length, rod 20mm, volume 30ml).

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