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Biosynex - 8-day pregnancy test

Discover the Biosynex 8-Day Pregnancy Test, a fast, reliable way to shed light on one of the most important moments in your life. Designed to give you an early and accurate answer, this test is your ally in confirming your pregnancy as early as eight days after conception.
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Biosynex pregnancy tests, to be used from the 8th day after intercourse, are renowned for their exceptional 99% reliability. 

They can be easily performed at home, providing you with a result in just 3 minutes.

These pregnancy tests developed by Biosynex are designed to be carried out quickly and easily, right in your own home. They are highly reliable, up to 99%, and deliver a result in just 3 minutes. You can choose between two types of Biosynex pregnancy test:

8-day pregnancy test - from the 8th day after intercourse: This is the first early pregnancy test based on the date of intercourse rather than the presumed date of menstruation. You can take this test as early as the 8th day after intercourse. It detects the presence of the hCG hormone, which the body produces during pregnancy, in the urine. According to a clinical study, 69% of pregnant women obtain a positive result as early as the 8th day after intercourse.

How do I use Biosynex pregnancy tests?

The process is quick and easy! First, remove the test from its aluminium pouch and use it within the hour. Next, remove the cap and hold the tip under the urine stream for 15 seconds, or dip it in a urine sample collected in a clean container for at least 15 seconds. Make sure the urine makes contact with the 5 holes in the plastic part of the pregnancy test. Replace the cap on the tip, then lay the test flat on a clean, stable surface.

Interpreting the result

If two bands appear on the pregnancy test, one under the letter C and one under the letter T, you are probably pregnant. In this case, consult a physician to confirm the result. If only one band appears under the letter C, you are probably not pregnant. The test is considered invalid if there is no band under the letter C, even if a band appears under the letter T. In this case, discard the test and take a new one.

Please note that these pregnancy tests are in no way a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis. It is also important not to interpret the result after 10 minutes. For further information, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use included in the kit.

• Biosynex pregnancy tests for self-diagnosis

• Can be performed as early as the 8th day after intercourse

• 99% reliability, quick and easy to use

• Results in just 3 minutes

Important note: In the event of a "pregnant" result, it is advisable to contact your gynecologist to confirm the result obtained.

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