Intimate Care Gel - Multi-Gyn ActiGel - 50 ml

Intimate Care Gel - Multi-Gyn ActiGel - 50 ml View larger
Intimate Care Gel - Multi-Gyn ActiGel - 50 ml

Multi-Gyn Actigel: a gel specially designed for women's intimate care to prevent irritation and increase comfort during sex...

Here is Multi-Gyn Actigel. It is a bio-active cream for female intimate care formulated with natural extracts "2QR" based on Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

This gel was developed with the help of gynecologists for the care and hygiene of women's private parts. Indeed, many women are subject to irritations and/or infections in their private parts.

Multi-Gyn Actigel prevents and treats bacterial vaginosis, reduces unpleasant odors and discharge, provides rapid relief in case of irritation or dryness of the intimate parts, restores the physiological functions of the cutaneous and mucous tissues, optimizes the vaginal flora and prevents irritation and infections of the intimate parts.

Multi-Gyn Actigel respects the pH of the intimate parts and is adapted to the most delicate fabrics.

Contents : 50 ml

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