Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
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Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0
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Automatic masturbator - Suck-O-Mat 2.0

Explore incredible sensations and unparalleled satisfaction with the Suck-O-Mat 2.0 Automatic Masturbator. This revolutionary sextoy is designed to deliver unforgettable solo pleasure experiences, with cutting-edge technology that mimics sucking and vibrating movements to take you to seventh heaven.
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Discover the incredible Suck-O-Mat 2.0, the crown jewel of automated male masturbation, designed to deliver sensations as intense as real fellatio. 

This all-new version 2.0 is a masterpiece of technology, combining modern sporty design with exceptional performance, far surpassing all expectations. Featuring 8+1 stimulation modes, this "Premium" edition comes with a wireless remote control, 220V AC adapter and 12V car power supply, plus a generous bottle of lubricant for a complete experience.

Suck-O-Mat 2.0 is much more than a simple sextoy, it's a true pleasure craftsman designed to deliver unique sensations. This technological marvel features a soft, flexible stimulation sheath with stimulating lugs that caress and envelop your penis in an automated, rhythmic fashion. For even more intense stimulation, an optional sleeve is included, allowing you to adjust the pressure to your liking.

Discover a whole new range of sensations thanks to its 8 fully automated modes, each offering random stimulation movements for a near-reality experience. You can even adjust the speed of the random modes to suit your desires, whether you want to reach orgasm quickly or prolong the pleasure. Suck-O-Mat 2.0's all-new 60W motor is twice as powerful as its predecessor, delivering up to 200 suction pulses per minute.

Suck-O-Mat 2.0 is versatile and adaptable to any situation. You can power it either from the mains (220 Volts), or from the supplied auto power supply (12 Volts). This means you can enjoy its exquisite pleasures whether you're at home or on the move.

For perfect sensations, don't forget to generously lubricate both your penis and the stimulation sheath with a water-based lubricant. With Suck-O-Mat 2.0, you'll no longer have to choose between reality and pleasure, as it offers you the best of both worlds, anytime, anywhere. Experience the ultimate orgasm with this masterpiece of automated male pleasure!

• Suck-O-Mat 2.0 hands-free automatic masturbator

• Simulates the sensations of fellatio

• Stimulates the penis with automated suction pulses

• Supplied with structured stimulation sheath

• Supplied with a removable sleeve (black) to enhance sensations

• Supplied with mains power supply (220V) and auto power supply (12V)

• Ultra-powerful 60W motor offering 8+1 modes and up to 200 pulses per minute

Product Details

Data sheet

MaterialABS | TPE | PVC | PP
Insertable length11.5 cm
Internal diameterØ 2.5 cm
Power supply220-230 volt / EU
Motor block dimensions24 x 17 x 10.5 cm
Sleeve dimensions15.7 x 7 cm

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