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Osez pimenter votre vie de couple

Dare to spice up your couple's life: After years of sexual freedom, you have decided to commit to an exclusive relationship. However, to maintain this fidelity, it is important to spice up your sex life. Discover tips to reignite the passion, explore new erotic experiences, and maintain a strong intimate connection with your partner, in mutual respect of your agreement.
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Osez pimenter votre vie de couple

After years of sexual freedom, you've decided to "settle down" and only make love with the one you love.

Because, unless both spouses mutually agree, whether they're married, in a civil partnership or simply cohabiting, fidelity is part of the contract.

And as we say today, "it's hard to manage"! What used to be the norm now seems almost like an ordeal to be overcome: making love with just one person, always the same one, and still not getting bored.

This guide - which does not claim the power to resolve all the conflicts that can arise within a couple - is both a modest manifesto and a catalog. As a manifesto, it affirms loud and clear that life - and sex! - for two can and should be experienced as the freedom to make love as you please, a new stage in your erotic journey, and certainly not the least enjoyable and unbridled.

As a catalog, it gives you ideas on how to make the most of this situation. The sexuality of the couple is not a straitjacket for those who know how to make it a space of pleasure and complicity. Marc Dannam is director of the Osez collection, for which he has written several bestsellers: Osez faire l'amour partout sauf dans un lit, Osez vivre nu, Osez faire l'amour à 2,3,4, Osez le Kama Sutra and Osez le sexe écolo.

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