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Sex swing - Whip Smart Pleasure Swing

Get ready to reach new heights of pleasure with the Whip Smart Pleasure Swing. This erotic swing is designed to deliver an unparalleled aerial pleasure experience, allowing you and your partner to explore positions and sensations far beyond the ordinary. Let yourself be carried away by boundless passion and creativity.
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Discover a world of sensual exploration and shared pleasure with the Pleasure Swing from Whip Smart!

Here's an erotic swing designed to let you achieve incredible new positions.

Imagine yourself and your partner in a sensual dance, suspended in the air, free from the constraints of gravity. This erotic swing opens the doors to sexual exploration, allowing you to explore positions that were previously out of reach in an ordinary bed.

The Pleasure Swing is not only a pleasure accessory, it also adds a touch of adventure and fantasy to your intimate play. The nylon straps are fully adjustable, giving you maximum strength and flexibility to create memorable intimate moments.

The swing is designed to support a weight of 90 kg when used with the spring, and up to 180 kg without it. Its spring, removable at will, lets you add a bouncing dimension to your lovemaking, adding extra excitement to your naughty sessions.

The Pleasure Swing's supports are designed to adapt perfectly to your back, body and legs, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable experience. The height of the eye screw is 12 cm, while the height of the triangle support is 26 cm, with a width of 37 cm. The 10 cm carabiners give you total stability during your erotic adventures.

Explore new horizons of pleasure with your partner and bring your wildest fantasies to life with the Pleasure Swing from Whip Smart. Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable, intimate memories.

Dive into a world of sensuality and adventure with the Pleasure Swing, the perfect accessory to spice up your sex life.

- Materials: Nylon and metal

- Weight capacity: 90 kg with spring, 180 kg without spring

- Supports: Adjustable supports for back, body and legs

- Height of eye screw: 12 cm

- Height of triangle support: 26 cm

- Triangle support width: 37 cm

- Carabiner size: 10 cm

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