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Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel 10ml

Durex Orgasm'Intense GEL: clitoral gel that stimulates and intensifies sensations for explosive orgasms! Contains Durex's patented Desirex stimulant for intense orgasms. Provides extra sensations for an even more intense sexual experience.
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Durex Orgasm'Intense GEL: a clitoral gel that stimulates and intensifies the sensations of the woman for Explosive orgasms!

The new DUREX Orgasm'Intense Stimulating Gel has been specially developed for women to make it easier for them to get an orgasms.

Indeed, this stimulating gel contains Desirex, a new stimulant patented by Durex, designed to intensify the orgasm. This gel increases the woman's pleasure by giving her extra sensations, which will give the couple an even more intense sexual experience.

How to use Durex Orgasm'Intense Gel?

Just apply 2 to 3 drops directly on the clitoris during the preliminaries. You will then feel a slight heat, refreshment and tingling effect that will increase the sensitivity of your erogenous zones.

You will be able to use this stimulating gel as well with sextoys as with your partner or both ...

Compatible with condoms. 8 out of 10 women having tested the Durex Orgasm'Intense have actually had an orgasm ... What about you?

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