Oral Pleasure Gloss Vibrant Kiss (Brownie) - Secret Play

Oral Pleasure Gloss Vibrant Kiss (Brownie) - Secret Play View larger
Oral Pleasure Gloss Vibrant Kiss (Brownie) - Secret Play

Vibrant Kiss from Secret Play: a vibrant Lip Balm that multiplies the sensations during fellatio or cunnilingus!!

Have you ever seen a lip gloss that produces vibrating waves? Have you ever thought that a lip gloss would enter your sex life and make you enjoy oral sex and kissing even more?

With "Vibrant Kiss" flavoured lip glosses, you will experience sensations of pleasure unimaginable for you and your partner. In fact, once applied, its vibrating waves produce a pleasant tingling sensation that contributes to the stimulation of the senses and increases sensitivity and pleasure.

The "Vibrant Kiss" lip gloss can be used during oral sex or simply for kissing. Pleasure for two guaranteed!!

Try fellatio or cunnilingus like you've never experienced it before!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Apply on the lips, in a few seconds you will notice a stimulating vibration.

CHARACTERISTICS : Packaging : 6 gr | Glycerine base | Compatible with condoms and toys | 100% edible | Made in Spain | 100% guaranteed cruelty free on animals.

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