Testicle ring Rosebuds Blackring

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Testicle ring Rosebuds Blackring

Rosebuds Blackring, a testicles ring made of Bronze BR10 with a chain to control and strengthen your erections!

With this testicles ring Blackring even more oportunity are available for you. This penile jewel is completed with a 30 cm chain that allows you to have some traction on your testicles.

Ideal to increase endurance while controlling your ejaculation. More you will draw on the chain longer the point of no return moves away. This is a practice of testicular yoga well known from the yogi.

A very effective way to achieve an erection very hard and reach your maximum size. You can start by trying to practice it on your own and then leave the control of the chain to your partner.

The chain can also be wraped around your penis testicles.

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DiameterØ 3.8 cm
Poids70 gr.
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