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Coffret Pleasure Pair (ELLE & LUI) - Womanizer Premium 2 & Arcwave Ion

Explore the heights of sensuality and satisfaction with JouJou.ch's Pleasure Pair Set (SHE & HIM), featuring two luxury toys for unrivalled orgasmic experiences. Discover the Womanizer Premium 2, an award-winning clitoral stimulator, and the Arcwave Ion, a revolutionary masturbator for men. Get ready for moments of ultimate pleasure for two.
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Opt for the quintessence of non-contact satisfaction with the sublime Pleasure Pair set! 

This cutting-edge duo of toys for HER & HIM brings together the acclaimed Womanizer Premium 2 clitoral stimulator and the revolutionary Arcwave Ion male masturbator, both featuring Pleasure Air technology for orgasms of unparalleled intensity.

Treat each other to this sensational Pleasure Pair set! It consists of the Womanizer Premium 2 clitoral stimulator, the benchmark in non-contact clitoral stimulation, and the Arcwave Ion masturbator, designed to stimulate both clitoris and penis thanks to patented Pleasure Air technology, which generates micro-aspirations to give you intense, repeated orgasms.

Womanizer Premium 2

Womanizer Premium 2 offers no fewer than 14 stimulation intensities, providing every woman with an experience tailored to her sensitivity. The Super Soft mode (level 1) is perfect for the most sensitive clitoris, while the Super Power mode (level 14) will satisfy those in search of intense stimulation.

If you enjoy losing control of your pleasure, the Womanizer Premium 2's "Autopilot 2" mode is for you! It offers a progressive variation in stimulation intensity, allowing you to concentrate fully on your pleasure without anticipating the next sensation peak.

The Womanizer Premium motor generates an operating sound of just 40 dB, compared with 42 dB for the previous generation. What's more, the Womanizer Premium 2 features Smart Silence technology, which reduces noise when the stimulator is not in direct contact with your skin. As a result, stimulation only begins when the silicone tip is just a few millimeters from your skin, guaranteeing absolute silence until you're ready.

Arcwave Ion

Slide your lubricated penis into the Ion's soft sheath and let yourself be overwhelmed by unprecedented waves of pleasure. Thanks to its ingenious design, the Ion offers precise stimulation of the most sensitive area of the male sex, just below the glans, where the Pacini sensory receptors are located, often overlooked by the general public, and particularly responsive to the euphoric effects of micro-aspirations. Play with the eight power levels to gradually build up to ecstasy. With practice and exploration, the Arcwave Ion will give you orgasms of exceptional intensity.

Arcwave Ion stimulation starts automatically as soon as it detects contact with your skin. What's more, the intelligent Smart Silence function switches off the Pleasure Air motor as soon as contact ends, ensuring discreet operation and triggering only when you want it to. Switch it on and enjoy!

The part of the Arcwave Ion in contact with the penis is made of medical-grade CleanTech silicone, ultra-soft and easy to maintain. Its high biocompatibility repels pathogens and germs. Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant, this state-of-the-art silicone guarantees hygiene and durability. To clean, simply remove the top part and rinse with warm water and mild soap. Once clean, replace it in the box, which doubles as a drying base (with DryTech rod to eliminate moisture), charging base (USB cable included and LED for charge level), and discreet storage box.

For the best experience, we recommend using this Pleasure Pair with a water-based lubricant. Avoid silicone-based lubricants. For maintenance, simply rinse both toys in lukewarm water with mild soap and sextoy cleaner.

• Pleasure Pair Set - Womanizer Premium 2 & Arcwave Ion

• Includes Womanizer Premium 2 clitoral stimulator

• Stimulates the clitoris without contact with micro-aspirations (Pleasure Air)

• Delivers intense, repeated orgasms at your own pace

• Autopilot 2" mode for unexpected stimulation

  Arcwave Ion masturbator for men

• Eight intensity levels to suit all preferences

• Smart Silence technology with automatic start and stop

• Medical-grade CleanTech silicone

• LED charging indicator on base (USB cable included)

• Multifunctional box for drying, charging and storage

- 100% waterproof (IPX7 standard) and easy to clean

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