Erotic massage oil - Shunga Stimulation

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Erotic massage oil - Shunga Stimulation

A stimulating massage oil flavored with peach to give you a boost ....

Shunga massage oils are highly appreciated for their incredible softness and ease to penetrate the skin leaving it soft and silky.

This peach scented massage oil will awake all your senses while giving you a boost of energy thanks to its relaxing and toning effect freeing your mind and body to put you in perfect condition for sexy preliminary ..

Shunga Massage oils are cold pressed. A mixture of almond oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, safflower oil and extracts of ylang-ylang and Yohimbehe is their base.

Content: 250 ml

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Depending perfume, essential oil extracts from lavender, rose blossoms, peach blossoms, apple blossom, orange blossom and vanilla are added.

These oils were carefully selected for their properties and their stimulating and energizing qualities. These oils slide easily and smoothly over your skin. They do not leave a greasy feeling! In addition, a sensual and exotic fragrance will awaken all your senses. sexshop en ligne