Kamasutra Aromatic Massage Oil - Soaring Spirit 200ml

Kamasutra Aromatic Massage Oil - Soaring Spirit 200ml View larger
Kamasutra Aromatic Massage Oil - Soaring Spirit 200ml

Kamasutra Aromatic Soaring Spirit Massage Oil - Relaxing effect

Kamasutra massage oils are well known for their high quality.

They are composed of aromatic blends, essential oils and enriched with vitamin E to nourish your skin while leaving a delicate fragrance and a silky effect.

These oils are particularly appreciated for relaxing and sensual massages. They penetrate deep into the skin, does not stick and leaves no stain on your bed.

Massage oils Kamsautra, depending of the mixture will relax you or on the contrary awaken your senses.

The massage oil Kamasutra Aromatic Soaring Spirit is especially suitable for relaxation, leaving behind a pleasant, delicate fragrance and leaving your skin soft and silky.

Content: 200ML
Ingredients: Sensual blend of essential oils of orange, lemon, mint, geranium, ginger, fennel and rose.

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Use: Gently warm your hands by rubbing them against each other. Pour a few drops of your favorite aromatic massage oil on your hands or directly on the body of your lover. Gently caress your partner's body and make it penetrate . Enjoy the therapeutic aroma and silky texture.

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