Libido pills - Alpx Booster for HER 50caps

Libido pills - Alpx Booster for HER 50caps View larger
Libido pills - Alpx Booster for HER 50caps

ALPX Booster for HER: a libido booster recommended by 89% of women, composed of natural ingredients scrupulously selected for a fulfilling sex life...

ALPX Booster for HER is a brand new dietary supplement rich in Vitamin B6 that helps regulate hormonal activity and the general functioning of the female sexual mechanism. It is intended to solve the decrease in sexual appetite in women in case of menopause, fatigue or sexual anxiety.

Indeed, ALPX Booster for HER is a natural supplement that helps to increase self-confidence before and during sexual intercourse. It opens up sexual appetite and libido, improves sexual stimulation during foreplay, masturbation and intercourse.

Indeed, made in Switzerland, ALPX Booster for HER acts as a 100% natural sexual stimulant that will help you regain your libido.

The effectiveness of the product of course requires sexual stimulation. Let yourself be tempted and find the pleasures as well as the sensations of a fulfilled sexual life.

Before it was launched on the market, Swissbiolab SA had to prove the effectiveness of Alpx Booster for HER by means of an analysis at the Institute for Clinical Studies. Carried out over 20 days, the results of the clinical study are unanimous... It's up to you to judge!

How to use Alpx Booster for HER: In the event of fatigue, stress or reduced libido, take two capsules a day with a large glass of water for at least 25 days.
v Contents: 50 capsules.

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Ingredients: extracts of maca root (Lepidium meyenii) 359mg. capsule of plant origin: hydroxypropylmethyculosis, extract of ginger rhizomes (zingiber officinale - maltodextrin) 90mg. Guarani seed extract (Paulinia cupana - maltodextrin) 89.68mg. Extract of cinnamon bark (Cinnamonum cassis) 60mg. Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6). sexshop en ligne