Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder

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Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder

Satisfy Renewing Powder: A renewal powder for your favorite masturbator to ensure a long life!

Satisfy Men Renewing Powder is designed to satisfy you again and again with the ultimate feel-good experience!

After several uses and after a while, due to the wear and tear of the powder, it can happen that the soft surface of your masturbator loses some of its suppleness. In order for you to enjoy your masturbator to the fullest, this innovative powder will ensure a permanent softness sensation.

You should keep your renewal powder fresh and dry so that it retains its fine powdery consistency. Remove the masturbation sheath from its case and cover the entire surface of the renewal powder.

If you have just cleaned your Satisfyer Men or other masturbator with a disinfectant spray, let it dry first. To reach all parts, you can simply turn the sleeve over. Once everything is covered with a thin layer of regenerating powder, put the pleasure sheath back into the case. That's it!


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