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2x Brazilian Balls - intimate lube with Hot & Cold effect

Discover the Brazilian Balls Hot & Cold, lubricating Brazilian balls with a hot and cold effect that provide a unique sensation of heat and coolness at the same time. Convenient and easy to use, ideal for travel.
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Brazilian Balls: The hot&cold effect Balls that provides a unique sensation of EXPLOSION of heat and cold at the same time for incredible sensations...

The Brazilian ball. A simply brilliant concept that has been a real Bestseller for several years in Brazil. These small colored balls are fragrant intimate gel balls.

All you have to do is to introduce it in the vagina or the anus. The body heat will dissolve the sphere and releases an intimate pleasantly perfumed lubricant.

The Brazilian Balls are very convenient ...

No dirt on your bed, no sticky fingers and no need to look for the bottle of lubricant on the bedside table. The lubricant that emerges from those little balls leaves a very pleasant perfume ideal for anal or vaginal penetration.

Very easy and convenient to take with you, they will find a discreet place in your purse.

Content: 2pc

What is the Brazilian Balls? Brazilian love it and everyone want it . These Brazilian balls can prolong sexual pleasure for couples. They have the characteristic of being placed directly into the vagina or anus.

They will then dissolve rapidly by simple friction or with body heat, and thus release a lubricant delicately scented. An almost invisible object that will disappear in oral caresses. Perfect for preliminary

Info: The lubricant is developed based oil. Not compatible with condoms or sex toys. Read leaflet warning. When using the product thinking to protect delicate surfaces.

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